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About PlatCore

As a ServiceNow customer, our founder and CTO Jon Becker personally felt the pain of compliance audits. To maintain mission-critical certifications, like SOX, HIPAA, PCI, SOC, etc, he manually tracked people down one-by-one while they constantly dodged his inquiries. The fire-drill was never-ending. Manually tracking compliance was not only painful, it was inefficient – and risky.
To address this pain, Jon Becker and his team built the PlatCore Learning Management System (LMS). And to make implementation a breeze, PlatCore LMS is built on the ServiceNow platform, which allows training to occur securely and seamlessly within your existing system. PlatCore makes audit compliance as easy as ‘point, click and print,’ not to mention the possibilities for automating HR Onboarding!
At this point, you may be wondering why PlatCore is the only Learning Management System built in ServiceNow. The answer is that Jon felt so strongly about wanting to remove the pain of manual compliance tracking that he wasn’t going to stop until he built the perfect solution. After shedding some blood, sweat and a few tears (mostly of joy), we are thrilled that PlatCore is now a fully functional LMS trusted by both small and large enterprise companies worldwide.

Our Team

Our people make us who we are.

We pride ourselves in our people. Only people with integrity, that care about our customers, and are passionate with a dedication to excellence make the cut.

Jon Becker

Founder - CTO

Jon is founder and CEO of PlatCore LLC. Jon creates cool stuff, drives value, and innovates. Period! Passions outside of business include his wife, cycling, and bringing it hard on the bass guitar. Boring stuff… Jon has a BS in Computer Science and MBA (who doesn’t these days).

Dawn Lawson

Inside Sales

Dawn owns business development for PlatCore. She brings over 15 years experience in software sales and professional services and has a strong business acumen.  She will always engage in strategic dialogue to uncover the best solution and is dedicated to delivering on her customer commitments.

Lauren Alweis


Lauren brings nearly 12 years marketing experience, and over 6 years in B2B Technologies, driven by the belief that great products deserve greater visibility. Fun-loving and creative, you can find her either in the high alpine or geeking out at a local Boulder coffee shop.

Elliott Pyles

ServiceNow Developer

An experienced software engineer with a background in DevOps, Elliott got his start in computational programming & modeling through a B.S in Chemical & Biological Engineering. Outside of work, he is passionate about his animals, the outdoors, and working in his metal/wood shop.

Our Values

Values differentiate what you should expect in a partner.

With PlatCore you can expect a responsive and ever-growing partner. We do what they say. We know our customers are why we exist. We are involved in our communities. We value our employees, love our customers, and know that our business opportunity is provided by our communities, partners, mentors, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and more. We have an obligation to support our entire business ecosystem, just as it supports us.


If you want to be a part of this, will you join us?

About PlatCore LMS