Built on ServiceNow—PlatCore is the answer to the manual, one-size-fits-none Learning Platform.

ServiceNow Learning Management System For Organizations

PlatCore + ServiceNow.
Bringing work and learning closer together.

We built an LMS on ServiceNow because that’s where enterprise work happens. By unifying the learning experience—we’re able to help education teams effectively deliver highly personalized, effective training at scale. Plus a whole lot of other reasons…

Elegant, Easy Learner Experiences

Great learner experiences start with finding what you need, when you need it. Our AI curates learning out of the box, using the data you already have on your learners.

Connected Reporting

Connected systems and data means less friction and better insights—making it easier to track progress, attribute learning outcomes, and take action.

Flexible Enough For Your Every Need

We’ve designed PlatCore from the Now Platform up to give you tools to easily create customized branding, language, portals, widgets, workflows, reports, and more.

Scale Efficiency and Impact

Finally, a way to clone your learning team! Learning workflows streamline learning throughout the enterprise. Scale hyper-personalized learning and watch KPIs soar.

A Unified Work & Learning Experience

Increase learning’s visibility and accessibility. Bring learning seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, and add learning into your existing business processes.

Better Workflows. Better Learning Tools.

Drive engagement and efficiency. Evaluate learning objectives and motivate learners with quizzes, graded assignments, checklists, activities & more.

PlatCore LMS Overview
Ready For Fewer Groans & More Fist Bumps?

Better Learning Experiences. Starting Now.

A better experience for learners (and admins)

ServiceNow’s powerful workflow engine, data platform, and AI—enables teams to create hyper-personalized learning experiences and deliver timely, relevant training—in the flow of work.

  • Learners easily explore and find opportunities in one centralized location for learning, ServiceNow’s ‘Hub of Hubs’.
  • Increase engagement and visibility by embedding learning widgets on any portal page throughout the enterprise.
  • Personalize learning content at scale using your existing user data, such as location, department, security role, title, and more.
  • Role-based pages help learners and admins find needed training/tools/data to quickly take action.
PlatCore Native LMS Learner Experience

Flexibility to fit any size & shape

A world-class LMS out-of-the-box, PlatCore can also be configured to meet your unique needs. Use your existing ServiceNow platform and expertise to embed learning solutions across the business.

  • Upgrade-safe customizations let you meet the current and evolving needs of your business and learning team.
  • White label the PlatCore LMS to your preferred design, corporate colors, branding, language preferences, and more.
  • Modify learner/manager/trainer/content creator portal page to add, remove or alter content.
  • Use security roles to deliver training to multiple audiences, including customers, distributors, and/or providers.
Centralized Learning Portal For Internal or External Users

Increase efficiency with Learning Workflows

Automate the countless manual training tasks that rob your time. Learning workflows (aka learning embedded in any business process) help you scale consistent, measurable outcomes.

  • Create company-wide learning workflows or add learning into your existing business processes/workflows.
  • Course authoring tools let you embed your existing content, even add ServiceNow Knowledge Base Articles into courses.
  • On-demand self-service training reduces cost and support calls – while increasing satisfaction.
  • Automatically trigger access to sensitive systems when the appropriate training has been completed.
  • For established training requirements, ensure no one slips through the cracks with dynamic and reoccurring assignments.
Automated Training Within ServiceNow

Learning… meet compliance and security

PlatCore lets you leverage your existing ServiceNow investment (and instance) for learning. Native Applications inherit the security and authorizations in place on your existing environment.

  • Trusted by the most secure gov agencies, FedRAMP in both DoD and civilian organizations.
  • Deploy learning On-premise, FedRAMP, SOC 1/2 Certified Cloud Service and more.
Real Time Reporting On LMS and Training Activities

What Our Customers Say

PlatCore ServiceNow LMS Customer NYDOT

NYC Dept of Transportation


“The PlatCore LMS team has been very helpful in supporting our goals and helped us to extend it beyond e-learning to include ILT classes. This has been a great journey and looking forward to the future!”

City of Townsville | Platcore Customer & Success Story

Townsville City Council

Public Sector

“The LMS integration is seamless when your business runs on the ServiceNow platform… I highly recommend PlatCore LMS to new businesses or growing businesses, setting this LMS up early makes a lot of sense and it can grow with your business.”

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