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Introducing PlatCore LMS 3.2

Empowering Users with a New Manager Dashboard & Powerful Advanced Search.

While learning is tied to engagement and retention, complex systems often undermine important learning outcomes.  With an average of 23 (and at times over 120+ ) different learning apps at every company (Bersin, 2021), employees struggle to find mandatory training and are unaware of resources to help them build their skills and careers.

A Native Application, PlatCore LMS simplifies learning by putting it directly on your ServiceNow instance. Our new version, PlatCore 3.2 builds great functionality that can be embedded on any portal page. This puts elected learning – and compliance requirements – directly where employees already spend their time. In addition, using ServiceNow’s workflows for learning, we truly put learning in the flow of work.

Below, read how PlatCore 3.2 helps simplify learning and empower learners. We also invite you to take the PlatCore learning portal for a spin in our new experience center, or join us for a live demo:


New Manager Dashboard 

Managers are often the most aware of their team’s needs. Easy-to-use training tools can help them to better support those needs. Providing quick & easy learning tools can help managers fast-track employee engagement. Making management training easy – without ever setting foot in the administrative side of the LMS.

PlatCore ServiceNow LMS Manager Dashboard

The New Manager Portal features;
  • Dashboard with real-time data on your team’s training status
  • Notifications to monitor upcoming, in progress, and overdue assignments
  • Quickly take action on outstanding approvals or grading
  • Easily assign training to individuals or teams

Powerful Advanced Search 

Employees are more accustomed to self-service than ever before. Even the largest learning catalogs need to display relevant, engaging content very quickly. PlatCore’s new advanced search is both smart and lightning fast.

PlatCore’s updated search capabilities let learners sort and filter by content type, keyword, tag, category, duration, location, dates, and more. Search results update filters, allowing users to drill into results in seconds.

PlatCore ServiceNow LMS Advanced Search

The Now Platform powers an incredible search speed – while behind the scenes we leverage advanced indexing, contextual search, natural language processing to enhance usability. This powerful search engine is discretely and conveniently tucked into the course catalog.
Additionally, any of these new learning features can be embedded onto portal pages, to facilitate access even further.

We can’t wait to show you more.

At PlatCore, we believe the best learning platforms get your staff (and managers) to great content fast – and get out of the way. We are dedicated to helping connect your learners to relevant training, quickly and painlessly – as we know that great results will follow.
To learn more about PlatCore 3.2 and the benefits of Native ServiceNow Learning Management, please watch our recent digital event:

PlatCore LMS 3.2 Demo

Witness the power of connected learning in our recent webinar: