PlatCore Learning Management System 3.0

PlatCore’s latest release shows our devotion to the learner experience. Since inception, PlatCore has been built ‘with people in mind’, and this release goes even further to meet consumer-grade expectations for learning. We have given learners more control and made courses even easier to find and complete. 

Our goal: to create a simple, elegant interface that makes your learner adoption rates soar. 

But we didn’t stop there. Learning administrators will enjoy a streamlined process for creating coursesThey can build courses and add content more quicklyIn addition, new training roles will give greater flexibility in course assignments. 

PlatCore LMS 3.0 Demo

See what that makes this major release shine, watch our on-demand webinar:

New Learner Portal   

We have always been proud of our clean, simple learner interface (our customer’s words). Armed with their great (and sometimes cutting) feedback, we scrutinized every pixel of the learner portal. The result is an increasingly streamlined design. It is our hope that the below enhancements will help you provide fantastic learning experiences.  

New learner portal

  •  Easier Navigation
    The new dashboard showcases what is most relevant to the learner. RequirementsIn-progress and Bookmarked courses have been brought front and center. The menu’s improved icons, quick search, and notifications help expedite navigation.  

  • Course Player
    The largest lift of this release is also the coolest.
     PlatCore’s new course player condenses the 1.) course registration page, 2.) the course overview page and 3.) the player page. The player has everything you need on one simple, polished experience. Before taking a course, see a summary, reviews, and related materials. Once you register for the course, you can see your lessons, progress, and grades – all in the same view.  


  • Branding
    Branding for your LMS just got so. much. better. As always, you can customize your logo and icon, but now you have a large canvas on the dashboard for additional LMS branding.  

  • News
    We have added an optional widget to provide news updates to your learners. These can reference articles, courses, topics, and much more.  

  • Bookmarks
    Learners can use bookmarks to quickly mark courses to save for later. You will find bookmarks on the bottom of all course cards on both the dashboard and the course catalog.  

  •  Simplified Transcripts
    Four tabs have been integrated into one referenceable list, allowing you to easily see all your achievements, progress and test scores. The much-improved interface lets you add, edit or delete a certification. Learners can also download a pdf of their transcripts. 

Course & Quiz Builder 

We all know how complex it can be to manage employee training. Learning Management Systems usually pass this complexity onto their administrators. PlatCore is working hard to make a great administrative interface. Wondering what this looks like in 3.0? Lets take a peak… 

  • Streamlined Process
    The new course builder walks you through the process in three logical steps: Details, Properties & Curriculum. Commonly used course options have been placed front and center, and advanced features are easily accessible 

  • Curriculum Builder
    The curriculum builder has seen significant enhancements, making it faster and easier to arrange course content. You can expand and contract all lessons and quickly rearrange the order of your content.  

  • Quiz Builder
    The great new features of the quiz builder include in-line editing, drag and drop images, correct & incorrect feedback, and much more! You will also love the simplified, modern design that mirrors the new streamlined course builder 

Training Roles 

This dynamic feature makes this major release shine. Training Roles allow you to designate courses (both mandatory and optional) for specific job roles. This allows additional flexibility compared to course assignments or learning plansTraining Roles track progress on training that has been tailored to specific job requirements. They also make it easy to onboard new learners and maintain up to date training for existing learners. 

For example, managers in your company can be given a selection of courses related to this role  goal setting, interview techniques, sexual harassment, etc. On the manager’s learner dashboard, a widget will show them the curated courses and their status of each one. You can easily change which users have the manager role – and which courses are required (including any deadlines) or suggested for managers. 

Townsville City Council in Australia pioneered the use of Training Roles (which they named Training Profiles) in order to manage many unique learners in highly regulatory environment. Learn how PlatCore has helped them save 447 hours per month and achieved a 50% increased efficiency. Read Townsville’s Story

Guided Setup & Orlando 

For all our administrators out there, PlatCore 3.0 supports OrlandoSo, perhaps we will see you there after all 

But there is something else. Something we have wanted to do for a while. Something that we hope will make your world brighter. We are excited to announce to you, our closest supporters and advocates, drum roll, please…. our new guided setup.

Guided Setup

This one central location lets you manage all your LMS settingsIt gets you exactly what you need – fast. It gets you to things you didn’t know you needed, faster yet. We’ve included installation, branding, properties, certifications, roles and more. We hope this makes your job (and the jobs of those that rely on you) easier. 

Thank you for reading about our latest release

PlatCore LMS 3.0 Demo

Please watch our on-demand demo to learn more!