Introducing PlatCore LMS 3.1 Drive Learner Engagement with Micro-content & an Intelligent Discovery Center.

Introducing PlatCore LMS 3.1

Drive Learner Engagement with Micro-content & an Intelligent Discovery Center. 

We believe there is more to learning than compliance and assignments. We believe that empowering learners and fueling their curiosity can help them reach their greatest potential. 

This is why we are proud of the features in our latest release. We have added functionality designed to help engage your learners. The new Discovery Center lets you easily offer content curated to each individual by artificial intelligence. Micro-Content lets you quickly deliver smaller-sized content for exciting new possibilities.

A Native ServiceNow learning solution, PlatCore connects learning to your existing data to make these features incredibly simple to use.  We can’t wait to show you more!

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Discovery Center 

PlatCore’s new Discovery Center gives learners control of their learning, as well as a place to explore their interests. Employees can find, develop, and expand skills or even learn about potential new positions or career growth. We use predictive intelligence and advanced analytics to personalize the ‘Netflix’ style results. This means that even the largest library is structured for easy exploration based on information about content, patterns of usage, and other information contained within ServiceNow.

The best part is that this learning is curated to each learner, without any additional work from you or them. 


ServiceNow Learning Engagement

How is that possible? Well, we already know who your learners are.  To be more precise (and less creepy) ‘we’ don’t know anything about your employees, but your systems know a great deal.  

SIDE NOTE: As a Native ServiceNow application, PlatCore allows you to leverage your employee data for training without our team ever seeing it. Even cooler, with critical company data and business processes on ServiceNow, you can automate learning into employee workflows.  

Famously known as the ‘hub of hubs’ the Now Platform integrates with many of the world’s top business systems. This means it either has, or can integrate with most systems to bring in, training content, or employee details.  

Having access to this Native ServiceNow data allows your Learning Solution to contextualize learning for your employees. Some of the out of the box curation in our new Discovery Center includes popularity, tags, created date, by department, and more.  

PlatCore’s flexibility allows you to alter this curation with an infinite number of options. Additionally, with a great deal of extensibility, you can truly embed training into the flow of work. To learn more about putting training in the flow of work, and some of the great workflows our customers have created, watch our recent Learning in the Flow of Work Event.  

Also, think of the benefits of embedding smart training widgets into any of your portal pages! 


This leads us to another fantastic way to engage employees – digestible, bite-size, snack-able, Micro-content. It is likely that even now, you are skimming this article. Because people are busy, quick bursts of material are often easier for us to consume. And what’s even better, all micro-content is bookmarkable allowing you to save that important video or procedure, right on your dashboard for future reference.  

ServiceNow Learning Experience


In addition, it has also been shown that when the same content is delivered in shorter formats, it is more memorable, engaging, motivating, and efficient. (1) 

Micro-content has a number of exciting applications: 

  • Easier for users/managers/executives to create & deliver content 
  • Quickly disseminate corporate, or departmental, communications 
  • Share training topics such as conference takeaways with others 
  • Searchable and easy to access on the go (importing excel files, a training manual for certain device model, etc.) 

PlatCore: A Next-Gen Learning Platform

The entire PlatCore team is excited to bring the new Discovery Center and Micro-content to our learning platform. These two features and the PlatCore foundations of the past three years enable us to deliver a truly next-gen learning platform built on ServiceNow.

We’re very proud of the industry leading work we do but the most important thing (really the ONLY thing) that matters is how much value we provide to our clients.

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