Federal ServiceNow LMS

PlatCore LMS Federal Edition

When it comes to government learning, one size fits none.

ServiceNow LMS Built on NOW

From this last year, the need for learning innovation has never been clearer. Old manual systems no longer support the transformation (or compliance) our agencies need.

Federal learning programs have the power to aid in up-skilling and workforce development but are also linked to the happiness and retention of existing staff. In order to capitalize on this important opportunity, we need to rethink our training programs.

We are here to make it easy.

PlatCore has spent the last year in the trenches with public sector learning professionals. We have seen the impact of connected, centralized training, built in the flow of work. And we want to share it with you.

The PlatCore LMS Federal Edition is a free add-on to bring you these breakthrough innovations. We want to show you the benefits of a centralized hub for learning, real-time compliance dashboards, automated learning workflows, security, certifications, roles and much more.

Essentially, we promise more control over your learning than has ever been possible.

The PlatCore LMS Federal Edition includes…

  • OPM Competencies
    • Leverage existing Learning Tag structure and identify competencies
    • Extensible data and structure for MOSAIC model
    • Competency menu module
  • Survey reports
    • Competency reporting
    • Learning evaluation surveys
    • End-of-course surveys
  • Easily customize terminology within the platform
  • Real-time dashboards and reports focused on compliance

The release of the PlatCore LMS Federal Edition is slated for early 2021. Contact us to learn more and sign up below to be the first to know when this free add-on is available: