Federal ServiceNow LMS

PlatCore LMS Federal Edition

When it comes to government learning,
one size fits none.

From the last year in the trenches with public sector learning professionals, we have seen the power of our native LMS to create connected, centralized, flexible training that is built in the flow of work.  And we can’t wait to share how PlatCore’s new Federal Edition streamlines government learning.

We make it easy to modernize learning – and meet your unique requirements. A Native Application, your learning is seamlessly integrated into ServiceNow to create a central hub for learning. This allows you to create workflows that automate mandatory compliance training – AND empower well-being, career growth, and operational success for your staff.

The PlatCore LMS Federal Edition includes…

  • OPM Competencies
    • Leverage existing Learning Tag structure and identify competencies
    • Extensible data and structure for MOSAIC model
    • Competency menu module
  • Survey reports
    • Competency reporting
    • Learning evaluation surveys
    • End-of-course surveys
  • Easily customize terminology within the platform
  • Real-time dashboards and reports focused on compliance

PlatCore’s free add-on will be soon be widely available, this 9min overview + demo shows how it will provide federal agencies unmatched security, flexibility, and control.

Watch the 9 min demo