PlatCore ServiceNow LMS Version 3.2

DIGITAL EVENT: Announcing PlatCore 3.2

Empowering Users with a New Manager Dashboard & Powerful Advanced Search.

Self-service means giving learners what they are looking for before they are frustrated enough to ask. This release puts more power in the hands of your learners to perform powerful, lightning-fast searches.

It also empowers your managers to take control of training without ever entering the backend of the LMS. They will find everything they need in a beautiful portal page designed to get them what they need fast – and onto their next objective.

And we can’t wait to share how these new features will truly change the self-service experience.

PlatCore LMS 3.2 includes…

  • New Manager Dashboards
    • Dashboard with quick action items
    • Assignment Management & Creation
    • Manage your team’s learning without leaving your learner portal
  • Powerful Advanced Search
    • Easy drill down
    • Lightning fast
  • Usability Enhancements

Watch this 40min demo to learn how PlatCore’s native application is providing customers unmatched security, flexibility, and control.


Jon Becker, PlatCore Founder & CEO

Jon brings 25+ years of experience in operations, product, & technology including 7+ years on the ServiceNow Platform.


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