Connecting ‘Suddenly’ Remote Employees Through Learning

I write this in the middle of uncertain times. Many companies are being forced to accelerate their transition to “remote” work. What many were not prepared for was creating a remote work culture overnight – as apparently going outside is very dangerous. 


Other companies have long seen the benefit of access to a broader talent base, reduced real estate costs, more flexible employment policies for their staff.  There are many great reasons for moving to a more remote workforce and many companies have plans to begin that journey. 


At PlatCore, we have been a primarily “remote” workplace since our inception. It’s built into our culture. We are a learning company that spends a lot of time talking with our customers, prospects, and partners. Not only do we enjoy the many benefits of being remote, we also help provide learning tools that help other companies function better remotely.  


This puts us into a position to be helpful in a key question: 

How can learning help “socially distanced” employees connect with your company?


As knowledge workers are being forced into remote positions, they still need a direct way to connect with the company and their co-workers. Here are a few ways that you can use Learning Management as a tool to create that connection: 


  • Connection w/ training resources 
    • Allow self-help support. If people are not able to ask the person next to them, ensure they know where to go. 
    • Provide answers to common questions around job functions.
  • Development opportunities  
    • Building education back into jobs. It used to be critical to employee performance but got lost over time 
    • Working remotely, employees may have more time on their hands. Can they schedule times to include learning?
  • Mentorship/career improvement opportunities
  • Compliance with key rules and regulations
  • Corporate Communication  
    • Understand company mission/goals/strategy, for example:
    • What new things are going on in my company?
    • Are there policy changes? Strategy realignments? 
    • Tell me what is important and what I need to know!
  • Community  
    • What are my co-workers’ learning? 
    • What training have they found useful?
  • How am I doing? With typical social cues gone, employees may revert to the worst-case scenario.
    • How can you provide immediate feedback? Or even allow self-assessment?

We hope these ideas will help you foster a greater connection with your employees – regardless of location. If you would like to know how our tool can help, we would love to be a part of your story. We are helping simplify learning management and connecting enterprise companies with remote staff, customers, and even distributors 


We also have an immediate way to help. As a current ServiceNow customer, we would like to offer a free, no strings attached, 60-day trial for companies to help jumpstart their remote working strategies. This means you could quickly get up and running with training – to offer safety courses, tutorials or company updates, or deliver anything you like, from your own ServiceNow system.  


Regardless of if you let us help you, we hope you’ll consider how best to leverage tools you have available to ensure your employees remain connected as they became suddenly remote. 



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