ServiceNow LMS - PlatCore Learning Management System



Confirm “Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management” plug-in is active ** Failure to complete this step prior to installation will prevent the user portal configuration and you must uninstall and then reinstall the LMS. **

See System Requirements



  1. Download the LMS application from ServiceNow store.
  2. Log in to the instance on which you want to install the application.
  3. Navigate to System Applications > Applications.
  4. Select “Downloads” tab.
  5. Find the application “Learning Management System” to install. Click the “install” dropdown to Install. The application will install with initial install courses and “quick start” documentation for the LMS.
  6. Wait for the installation to complete. You will see the Learning Management System in the Left Hand Navigation when the LMS is ready.


Post-install configuration

Create groups:


LMS Admin – LMS admin group are automatically set as “approvers” and “perquisite waivers”.

  • Assign role: image_admin
  • Optionally assign role: report_global
  • Assign users and groups as required


LMS Users – LMS users group is used for learners

  • Assign users and groups as required



Ensure you can log on with an LMS administrative user and LMS learner user and use your new LMS.