CUSTOMER STORY: Becks Learning Management in ServiceNow HR

Since 1937, the Beck family has owned and operated Beck’s, the largest family-owned, retail seed company in the United States. Beck’s stands behind their product and strives to provide all customers with the tools they need to succeed on their farm.


Beck’s promise to customers is not just quality seed, but the ‘stand of corn.’ This means that if something goes wrong in the planting cycle, they foot the bill. This commitment requires intensive training for their staff and dealers. Without the proper training, costly mistakes ensue.


The Problem


To manage their training, Beck’s used an external Learning Management System (LMS). This LMS was complex and costly. The platform was archaic, and managers often asked staff to self-report training completion. Most frustrating, no single system had the full picture of staff development. Disparate systems and data sets made it nearly impossible for Beck’s managers to maintain up-to-date training status for their staff and dealers. To avoid expensive mistakes and ensure customer success, Beck’s needed to implement a modern LMS.


A ServiceNow HR customer, Beck’s has seen a great benefit from the utilization of ServiceNow for HR. With actionable insights and streamlined workflows, ServiceNow HR helps you break free from time stealing, mundane tasks. Becks was eager to expand this functionality even further.


Since Beck’s knew and loved the ServiceNow Platform, and the system was already tracking their employee records, they thought,‘why can’t our training also live in ServiceNow? Working with consultants, their team set out to develop an LMS in ServiceNow.


But after many months of work, they had nothing but unbridled frustration to show for their efforts.




Beck’s was thrilled to find PlatCore, the only LMS built on the Now Platform. As a Now® Certified application in the ServiceNow Store, PlatCore lives directly on Beck’s ServiceNow instance – meaning no additional customizations or integrations were required.


“When we tried the PlatCore demo, it was obvious that we had spent way too much time and money trying (unsuccessfully) to build exactly what the PlatCore product provides. Plus, when we decided to work with PlatCore, implementation was a breeze and the PlatCore LMS was operational on our system within one day!” said Daniel Shock, Business Process Lead at Beck’s.


PlatCore has taken the complex workings of an LMS and made it easy to create, deliver, track and report on training activity. With PlatCore, Beck’s managers were finally able to see the full picture of each staff member’s training directly on their ServiceNow employee record. Beck’s also found a great value in PlatCore’s features, including the ability to:


  • Automate training assignment and notifications according to sales cycles
  • Provide access to training on any device, helping approx. 2,000 sales team members and dealers brush up on product details even while on the road
  • Customize dashboards to help managers track progress towards training goals
  • Track course comprehension and set workflows based on quiz score


Easy to Use Learner Portal 


Track Training to the Employee Record 

Beck’s has also already benefited from three major feature updates that Platcore provided during the first half of 2018, all of which were included at no additional cost. If Beck’s had pursued the construction of a custom LMS, there would be a significant cost associated with new features.




PlatCore provided an easy-to-implement and fully-featured solution to Beck’s ongoing training problem. The time-savings achieved with PlatCore allowed 2-3 employees, who previously managed the training process, to reallocate their time to other impactful projects for the company. PlatCore has given the team at Beck’s the freedom to move onto important strategic projects.


The estimated ROI of PlatCore is 300%, regardless if Beck’s had continued to build their own LMS- perhaps greater had they moved to another external LMS system. The known cost benefits just scratch the surface of what it will mean to the company to consolidate their systems. For example,


  • It is now easier to provision (and deprovision) training access
  • Automated training processes mean less manual work
  • Administrating the LMS on a known system is easier for staff and the helpdesk
  • Utilizing the Now Platform eliminates outside security vulnerabilities
  • Real-time, company-wide tracking and reporting allow Beck’s to understand training status and make important changes when needed


“We are finally able to get a better picture of an employee’s training status, and now that our LMS is within ServiceNow, managers can look at an employee record and see training history and benefits all in one screen,” said Daniel Shock, Business Process Lead at Becks. “It was exactly what we needed, and PlatCore was incredibly easy to work with.”


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