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  • Webinar 9/24: Announcing PlatCore 2.4

    Our latest release, PlatCore 2.4 is packed full of cutting-edge features. This release goes one step further to provide business process that help you simplify…

  • LMS Feature Comparison

    DOWNLOAD: LMS Feature Comparison

    Looking to make a change from your current Learning Management System? We want you to find the LMS that meets your unique requirements. LMS Feature Comparison shows how the top five Learning

  • Learning Management Metrics Webinar

    ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter

    What Learning Management Metrics really matter to your company? Join us to learn the first step to getting core insights on your training program.

  • EBOOK: 5 Reasons your LMS Should be on ServiceNow

    The daily drain of menial tasks caused by most LMSs is just the beginning of the problems they bring. External silos are creating sprawl that your IT department can’t manage, data that your managers…

  • Announcing PlatCore LMS 2.3


    We would love to show you our best release yet! Watch our recent demo to see why we are so excited about PlatCore 2.3. But there is so much more that we can’t wait to show you, including new course assignment, certification…

  • How (& Why) to Automate Your Employee Training

    We all want meaningful work. According to a recent ServiceNow survey, more employees want work that feels important and impactful (61%) than want a raise (34%).  The same survey…

  • PlatCore LMS on ServiceNow

    SOAP BOX FRIDAY: On Trust & Respect

    What if vendors treated customers like friends and family – and genuinely cared about their success? What if customers treated vendors like they were actually there to help? Wouldn’t it be more …

  • What is a Learning Management System - Basic Functions

    What Is a Learning Management System? Four Basic LMS Functions You Need to Know.

    If you know it or not, you have likely used a Learning Management System (LMS). It’s often the system that gives you security awareness training every Jan 1. While some companies may use…

  • 5 Reasons Your LMS Should Be On ServiceNow

    At its core, an LMS manages training in your organization. There are lots of features that go into an LMS, but it meets four basic needs: assignment, delivery, tracking, and reporting.

  • Deliver VR training from the Now Platform

    VR Training Delivered from ServiceNow

    PlatCore is excited to announce the upcoming release of Virtual Reality Training – Delivered right from the Now Platform! PlatCore leverages your current data and processes to put your employee training…