Learning Workflows to Improve the Employee Training Experience

Explore how PlatCore LMS, built on ServiceNow, helps OrthoVirginia embed learning into company-wide processes for better efficiency and a better learning experience.

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OrthoVirginia ServiceNow LMS Case Study


Health Care

OrthoVirginia is Virginia’s largest provider of expert orthopedic and therapy care. With more than 125 physicians, 30 office locations, MRI facilities, outpatient operatories, and physical therapy clinics, they are on a mission to champion healthy, vibrant, active communities. One person at a time.

“PlatCore, and its integration with ServiceNow, has allowed us to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do with any other LMS vendor. PlatCore is so much more than a typical LMS!

Erin Gossom
Epic Training Manager, OrthoVirginia

OrthoVirginia Case Study Profile
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The Challenge

OrthoVirginia’s previous Learning Management System (LMS) was your typical LMS. From finding, creating, and enrolling learners in training to assignments and reports, the system needed ongoing attention.

The learning team coordinated the details of each course with trainers and locations, petitioned managers to send employees, and tracked status to report on compliance, and then took steps to enact needed outcomes.

This detailed work meant that training times would often lag – even with time sensitive courses like onboarding.

The Solution

The PlatCore LMS, built entirely on ServiceNow, allowed OrthoVirginia to leverage its existing ServiceNow platform, tools, and expertise for learning.

They started connecting learning with two processes, or workflows, which they considered the ‘Backbone of the LMS.’

The first learning workflow ensured onboarding training was delivered quickly and efficiently.

Learning Workflows

Dynamic Assignments

Connected Data

Platcore | ServiceNow Learning Management System

“We wanted to make required training as efficient as possible. When you begin a new job or participating in ongoing training, we want to make it as easy as possible.” Erin Gossom, OrthoVirginia

STEP 1: Streamline Onboarding with Learning Workflows

Within the first month, OrthoVirginia set up a workflow to reduce the workload for onboarding training and improve response time.

Building on their ServiceNow Service Catalog process, they were able to chain together customized training coordination between managers, trainers, and new staff. Now, instead of organizing unused training courses, the team creates just the courses that are needed.

To learn how OrthoVirginia is using dynamic assignments and connected data, download the full case study. 

PlatCore Native LMS Learning Workflow

“I would recommend PlatCore to any ServiceNow customer. It has been a perfect fit for us, and I really appreciate the ability to build the system to exactly what we needed.”

The Results

While the average time to launch an LMS is between 6 -12 months, the team at OrthoVirginia was able to go live in just under one month and achieve:

  • Dynamic learning workflows to simplify compliance & onboarding
  • Unbeatable time to value
  • Connected learning and data

Further extending the functionality of the Now Platform, OrthoVirginia quickly made great strides in innovating their learning program with workflows, dynamic assignments, and reporting.

They are now making it easier for people to get the training they need—when they need it—whether it is compliance or access to important systems.

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Learning Workflows to Improve the Training Experience

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