New Zealand Parliament’s Agile Government LMS

Learn how PlatCore LMS helped this government agency move fast while making learning a core focus.

About The Customer

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The Parliament of New Zealand makes laws and holds the Government to account over its policies, actions, and spending. More specifically, they review New Zealand law and make recommendations for how those laws can be improved, made more accessible or easier to understand.

“PlatCore LMS is an excellent product, and their team’s support and collaboration have been 100%. They continue to be there to help us and are fully committed to our success.”

Tania Robertson
Organisational Development Advisor, New Zealand Parliament

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The Challenge

New Zealand Parliament was searching for a way to provide learning modules for their finance system. They needed a flexible solution, one that worked for their team, their partner organisation — the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives—and Members of Parliament.


They needed a solution fast, one that, in a perfect world, would fit into the technology and services they already had and were comfortable with.

The Solution

Adding PlatCore LMS to their existing ServiceNow instance meant saving considerable time and effort, allowing the team to work inside their existing systems.

Flexible and Agile

One Location

Easy to Use

They aptly named their new Learning Management System Te Aka Matua, a Maori term referencing the roots of the tree of knowledge that feed growth and prosperity.

Platcore | ServiceNow Learning Management System

Fast and Flexible to Suit your Needs

Beginning with a ServiceNow-first approach, New Zealand Parliament was happy to find PlatCore’s native ServiceNow Learning Managment System (LMS). Many of the other LMSs they found had feature bloat, aka the “kitchen sink” approach.


PlatCore was different. It offered a streamlined technical solution — as well as an elegant simple user experience.

To learn about New Zealand Parliament’s learning solution, download the full case study. 

““We call PlatCore the bucket. Simple and flexible, it lets us customize the system to make it our own. This allows us to showcase our content to drive adoption. And that is what a good bucket (no offense) really is.”

Ken Mitchell, Organisational Development Manager, NZ Parliament

The Results

In just two months, the New Zealand Parliament built and launched their LMS with PlatCore. They’re moving faster and learning more, all while spending less time on the systems, content and process of learning management. PlatCore LMS is;


  • Ready to grow with your needs
  • Learning how you want, when you want
  • An unbeatable time to value


Download the full case study to learn how PlatCore’s LMS has been a game-changer inside the New Zealand Parliament.


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